A movement to eradicate racism together


4 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Michelle Hewton on said:

    Looks great. Excited to be part of the movement and to support my sistas!

    • Greeting Sister Izzie,

      I am profoundly pleased with the venue you have created to captured people of African descent from all over the world. I “too” applaud you for your courage and tenacity..
      I think its great that we can have a forum to “individually & collectively “share our hopes, missed opportunities, celebrate our victories, encourage/nudge eah-other when applicable , agree to disagree but overall inspire and unite.
      Bulliness in the workforce is one of the mask that structured racism wears in the workforce! Conversely, I look forward to yours and others comments, etc.
      Thanks again for the opportuity……………….

      Blessings, Tommy

  2. This is a wonderful thing you are doing. I wish more and more people could be as courageous as you to bring the real issues of oppression and inequality to the fore front. I look forward to sharing my story of being oppressed by managers who claim to be practicing from an anti-racism anti-oppression framework.

    • Thank you Faith. You are right, it isn’t easy to tackle a subject like this. I think that is why so many people get away with bullying in the workplace, they know that most people will not say anything. I think most times it goes unreported. I hope this blog will give people a chance to speak up and address the violence! I’m looking forward to reading your story. Thanks again! IJ

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