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 “As I watched a serious frown spread across that once maniacal face, I realized there was now a bigger target on my back…”

The next morning I marched into the Executive Directors and requested a copy of the “report”. I told her I did not believe any professional would tell a person who was abused, it was their imagination. I went further to say that I was deeply disappointed that someone with a background in Violence Against Women would ever ignore the abuse that was happening to me. She refused to budge and insisted the problem was my resistance to being managed by my supervisor. She refused to address the issues and she was not giving a copy of the report “to protect the people who contributed” to the report. She sat behind her desk shaking her head from side to side with a maniacal grin on her face.  After a few moments, I was instructed to return to my office and check in with my supervisor…

My phone was ringing when I got to my office.  I quickly recognized the voice of my Union Representative. The story gushed out of me as I tried to explain what happened and share my concerns that I was being bullied, harassed and now being set up to be forced to resign. He told me to get in touch with the Chief  Stewart and have her write out a grievance and serve it immediately. I thanked him for getting back to me. My supervisor found me in my office and directed me to check-in with the front-line staff for further directions. This had never before been done. My work schedule was discussed and approved by her. I believed this was a further attempt  to strip away my self-esteem and pitt staff against each other. I decided I would cheerfully comply as defuse her efforts to humiliate me. I continued to do my job…

I caught up with the Chief Stewart the next day as she was preparing food for the AGM and bar-b-que that day. We squeezed into the pantry to write the grievance. She had to call the union representative to get some direction on how to write the document. Again, he was nowhere to be found. I insisted she go higher up the food chain until she got someone to help us. It worked. She was able to completed the grievance and served the Executive Director with the grievance in the middle of the  bar-b-que. As I watched a serious frown spread across that once maniacal face, I realized there was now a bigger target on my back…TO BE CONTINUED


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3 thoughts on “WORKING THROUGH BILL 168-My Story Cont’d

  1. Well done, Izzie. What an incredible process. Very difficult to have to deal with all that baggage every day. I don’t know how you do it! I’m following every post.

    • Hello Diane. Thank you very much for your encouragement! It is very difficult material and not easy to write but when I think of all the people who suffer in silence and the bully’s that hide behind this legislation, I am compelled to continue. On a personal level, I still struggle with the audacity of saying what I experienced was my imagination! That’s not acceptible to me. If government is truly serious about dealing with workplace violence, something must change. I hope blog followers of Bondfires will offer suggestions to support positive change.
      Thank you for following BONDFORES !

      • Jane Doe on said:

        Government is too busy with every focusing on pre- & high school bulling and missed those matured bullies. What is the name of that new movie? Lets refocus for a moment parents, teacher, principals, employer and those who managed employees or people in general. The time just arrived!!!!!

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