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WORKING THROUGH BILL 168-My Story cont’d

” I believe i’m being bullied and harassed in my workplace.  I want management to acknowledge it is happening  and I want it to stop! “

The next morning, I was about to leave my car when the Program Director approached me in the parking lot. She asked me to leave my purse and any other items in the trunk and to follow her. I asked what  this was about and she told me there was someone that was hired by the agency to investigate my complaint.  She said she couldn’t remember the persons name or cridentials but, that I would have a chance to ask questions and find out more  during  the interview. She continued to escort me to the Executive Directors office where a tiny woman was waiting.

 The woman appeared to be east indian and spoke  with a big voice. She said her name but didn’t quite catch it. That’s ok, she said, you can get it later. She said that she usually works for big corporations and they pay her a lot of money.  She said it was unfortunate that things could not be worked out with the agency, after all non-profit agencies don’t have a lot of money for this sort of thing. She said I would be shocked if I knew what the agency was spending on me. I suggested she donate her talent in this case sense it was costing the agency so much. She laughed and asked me what happened.  As I told my story, she interrupted me several times with questions. As the conversation continued, it became clear to me that she seemed to have already spoken to management. When I told her about my paid being docked 15 mins, she said it was because I was not on time.  I told her that was incorrect.  I said it was my day off and there was specific time on my part and I asked her to follow up with the Collective Agreement about employees being asked to come to work on their day off. Again she insisted that 15mins is no big deal.  I said I worked for it and it should be given back if  it’s not important to the agency.  I suggested it was an issue of power and bullying. I went on to talk about job responsibilities being taken away, community agencies being told to copy all correspondence to my supervisor,  being excluded from meetings, and collegues being afraid to talk to me. I could feel myself getting tense as the truth gushed out and…she told me that she had heard enough. She asked me what I wanted in order to resolve the matter.  It took me a minute to catch my breath, then iI said ” I believe i’m being bullied and harassed in my workplace.  I want management to acknowleged  it is happening  and I want it to stop ! ” …TO BE CONTINUED   

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5 thoughts on “WORKING THROUGH BILL 168-My Story cont’d

  1. Izzie
    Your story continues to fascinate me. Every blog leaves me feeling angry and sad.
    If your story is true, and I have no reason to believe otherwise, then these people about which you write have no business being in the Social Work field. Others have spoken about the issues they have also experienced at this agency among other agencies that cater to the Homeless. What happened to you is frightening. I wish I had know, I would have offered my support. Bullying is such a serious issue, and it goes on in every work place, but with employees being afraid of losing their jobs, as jobs are hard to come by, the fear of speaking up about “Manager” bullying is all too real for many people. Please continue to write your story. How does one protect themselves from those that have the power and the resouces to be Bullies and get away with .

    • Thank you for your support and encouragement Faith!

      I think this type of bullying happens a lot in social services. It is unfortunate that when we are helping many other people we can be the target for bullies in the agencies where we work.
      I don’t think there is just one solution to dealing with this terrible behaviour in the workplace. I certainly believe we should speak up for ourselves and others when we see and experience bullying. I also think we should be prepared to keep up to date with legislation about bullying and be prepared to write our M.P’s to shre our thoughts, experiences and concerns. I have a few other ideas that I will share at the end of my story.
      Thank you again for speaking up and for your support!

  2. This story resonated all to true, not only with my personal experience, but with personal obsevations as well. sadly, I am not shocked.

  3. Jane Doe on said:

    I think this so-called female impersonation was an individual from York University or possible another woman’s shelter. Some one this agency utilized to demonstrated professional “bullying” amongst” women in the workplace. This person was previously access to complete some study within this same agency. Talk about the “almighty” bullies. They are crafty and fully of talents! Remember every dog has it’s day, and only that “almighty supreme” shall remove those harness with hate and injustice.

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