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Welcome to all…

BONDFIRES is officially launched! 

BONDFIRES is focused on content and perspectives related to black culture however, we welcome and encourage blog “cruisers” from all cultures to visit this site. Our goal is to engage our readers by providing fresh, interesting content and to encourage you to dialogue with us via comments and polls. You can also sign up to be notified of new posts by email.

I’m learning the hard way that designing a blog site is harder than I ever thought it would be so, forgive me if it’s not quite coming together yet. Just consider this a work in progress and don’t be surprised  when I get my drop down menu to load pages and actually work some day! 

For the remainder of  2011, BONDFIRES will focus on Bullying, Harassment and Violence in the Workplace. The first post in this series, Crazy Black Women, (November 24,  2011) is a brief summary piece about 5 black women who lost their jobs at a shelter north of Toronto (Canada),  and their attempts to stand up for themselves by utilizing social justice systems; the union, lawyers, conflict resolution and mediation.  Some of the women have  agreed to share their journeys on this blog site under the Title: Working Through Bill 168.  The first Article will post November 30 , 2011. We welcome your interest, support and comments.

Thank you for visiting BONDFIRES.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome to all…

  1. Jane Doe on said:

    Allowed me to explain the difference between personality conflict and actual bullying in the workplace and remember it’s no NEW news! Even thou some of us might confused the issues! Workplace bullying is considered a common issue with an extremely high cost to employee’s health and well-being that can trail it’s way in our everyday family life. This particular organization expertly carried out and dismissed bullying tactics and called it PERSONALITY or ESTABLISHED NORMS in the workplace. Off course it’s challenging to address under this format as it’s then viewed as disciplinary actions. This impacts the work environment, undermines teamwork and pits staff against one another. The bosses or individuals who have positions of power considered capable, dedicate members, saps the
    energy eight out of both that employee and the team. With increases fear and rising stress levels… everyone tippy toes around. Caused “we” being watched my modern day technology…now called “camera in the workplace” . This method they say instigates complaints to make an individual appears incompetent. A well versed bullying plan to manipulate others into believing and jointing the camp in ostracizing their target of unfounded complaints. So my friends please joint in the conversation and outline your definitions on “bullying & workplace personalities”. Until then..stay safe and be honest with your expressions! Because “you’ve endured the consequences”

    • Jane much of what you say lines up with Faith’s description of micro aggression, a covert form of bullying. In doing some research, I have found some information about the effects of this type of abuse on bystander’s as well as the target victims! Witnessing violence has almost as much impact as suffering the trauma itself. Add the witnessing of bullying to the fear it creates in the environment and you have a very toxic mix. Minimizing the behavior as personality conflict sends a very strong message to employees that management supports this covert form of abuse. I would also agree that the stress of working in this type of environment could greatly impact the health of everybody working there!

  2. Gee Gee on said:

    This site is remarkable. I am looking forward to reading more.

  3. Hello! I am very eager to support and follow this blog. I know all to well what bullying looks like and how terrifying it is to talk about. I have been silenced before and can only imagine the guts it takes to raise this issue. You have my full support! And on a side note (Way to go Izzie!! You are SO in your element here, it is good to see:D)

  4. I’m so excited to be following this blog…I hope to contribute to it soon!


    • Thank you Marisa. I look forward to your contributions!

      • Jane DOe on said:

        I’ve waited and waited for this day! when I can sit down and write my side of the story about high school bullies “girls” now growth up women employed in our work force who continues to bully other women. This shall be a changing day in my life and for those whose voices were not heard! This avenue will allows me to speak and no one can prevent that choice! This is the beauty playground of freedom where bullies are not permitted.

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